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Morton Schapiro

College Choice

If you are deciding where to apply, I would not shy away from those schools that have recently been pilloried in the news.聽

Will It Always Be Oct. 7?

Asking whether each day is Oct. 7 is like asking whether each day is Kristallnacht.聽 Must we live in fear that they will come for us next?

All Aboard the Lifeboat

These are excruciating times for Israel, and for the Jewish people.聽 It is so tempting to succumb to despair. That is why we must keep our eyes open and revel in any blessing we can find. 聽

Who Are You?

Post-Oct. 7, the answer seems to matter more than ever.

Moses for President

Moses begged G-d to find another person to perform the daunting task of leading the Israelites to freedom. But once he agreed to do so, he succeeded brilliantly.

Bring on the Dawn

Faith not only provides comfort and hope; it inspires us to do G-d鈥檚 work here on earth.

I Am Proud to Be a Jew by Choice

During the perilous times we are living through today, when Jews worldwide feel so threatened, it is gratifying to reflect on the fact that some members of our community actively sought out Judaism, and wear that label with unremitting pride.


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